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Hi Everyone!

Tans by Tink is dedicated to making you feel fabulous, confident, beautiful, and radiant by giving you a plant-based, sunkissed glow without the harmful impacts of the sun.


This wonderful experience is for anyone who is ready to feel SunBelievable!

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My Story

My name is Trish. My boys nicknamed me “Tink” years ago because we loved watching Disney's Peter Pan cartoon movie. They thought I looked like her! Those were special times. 


I was inspired to start my custom airbrush spray tan business because I've suffered from acute skin cancer for the past 18 years. I grew up in Huntington Beach where I loved the sun but it does not like me!


I’ve had 16 minor and major surgeries mostly on my face because of the sun damage.


I grew up playing tennis and going to the beach and have been exposed to the sun my whole life.


Not to mention, I'm light-skinned, freckled, green-eyed, blonde and Irish.


I chose the spray tan solutions I use because they are natural, organic and not harmful to the skin. 


I love the warm sun-kissed glow of the spray tan. It makes me feel beautiful, confident, refreshed, and alive, and I want to give you that same experience!


It is my goal to help people who want to have that naturally tanned glow year-round while protecting the integrity of their skin.


Come consult with me in my studio to determine your skin type and undertones.


Once we’ve chosen the right solution for your body, I will balance your ph levels and airbrush your body!


Get ready for an amazing, relaxed, non/threatening experience!


It’s “SunBelievable!!”


I'm always here to answer any questions you have about Tans by Tink services or products.   Just shoot me a text or email!

Sunless Certified Technician

License #884601830

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